TreatStream Frequently Asked Questions "FAQS"

-Why Treats?

To put it in simple terms, some viewers actually want the possibility to give in different more pleasant and direct ways. Streamers would also love to offer these ways, if only personal information and orders could be kept secure and confidential. Ladies and gentlemen, that is why we're here!

-How do Treats work?

Treats are automatically fulfilled without any information being shared. (Delivery fees, tips, and taxes are all paid. No Hassles! Just receive and eat!)

Once Treat is sent the streamer should receive an email, activity, and live stream notifications. Then food orders for that streamer will automatically go on cooldown for the amount of time the streamer assigned it so there isn't an overabundance of food sent to the streamer. Of course, Treats will also shut down based on the restaurant or support hours which also depends on where the streamer is located.

-Save The Children through Food Delivery Treats

A small portion of the transaction from each food delivery treat you send is donated to help care for children through Save The Children Foundation.

-Are there requirements?

Nope! We're passed the days of requirements. Anyone can enjoy the wonderful feeling of receiving food delivery now.

-Is my personal information secure?

Yes! ALL personal information is kept completely private, even the name of your restaurant. Everything is completely hidden from everyone but you. All information is used solely for the fulfillment of Treats viewers place for you.

-What can they send me?

That’s completely up to you! You get to customize your own menu from your available local services and restaurants. Your supporters will then be able to pick from the options you chose.

-Do I need to tip delivery driver?

Everything is already paid for when anyone sends you a treat! (Delivery fees, driver tips, and taxes are all paid.) No Hassles! Just receive and eat!

-How do I get Food Delivery on my page?

You must first input your delivery address then install the TreatStream Extension for your browser. Once installed, click "Add Treats" again and choose from the services available in your country.

-How do I know viewers won't order exaggerate amounts of food delivery to my house?

You have control over your treats, the cooldowns, and whether they are hidden or visible.

-For what countries are Treats available?

Currently we service the US, UK, CA, & Germany. We are looking into more other countries though.

-How will I know if the streamer received the treat sent?

If it's food delivery and you're watching the stream you will know when it arrives.

-What are the hours of support?

Hours of Treat Support will run 11:00am-1:00am EST everyday.

-Why did my treats get removed?

Sometimes restaurants will change their delivery zone, disable delivery, change menu, requirements, etc…

-Why are these items priced more than they really are?

As you know, Food delivery is almost never inexpensive.

Food Delivery pricing includes Food cost, Delivery minimums, Delivery Fees, Driver Tips, Taxes, and Transaction fees.

This is the reason why you see the prices you see.

You may notice that a $15 pizza may be priced as $20 on TreatStream. This is because you have to consider the fact that these items have all kinds of handling fees. For example, certain products require a shipping fee, and almost all food services require tips and/or delivery fees. TreatStream is also a service, so a service fee is to be expected.

-Why are prices in USD?

As we are based in the USA, for now all prices are in USD. Eventually, we are looking to have prices in other currencies.

-Price of a certain item has changed. Why is this?

This could be for multiple reasons. The most common reason is that the streamer lives in a foreign country, and the currency exchange rate has changed. (This is most common for streamers in the UK, CA, & Germany.) Another reason could be that the streamer's specific restaurant has changed their pricing system. Either they changed the price of an item, the cost of the delivery fee, or the minimum for delivery has been raised/lowered.

-Are refunds possible?

Refunds are not possible unless there may be a reasonable mishap. This is because recalling an already placed order is time-sensitive, and in most cases orders are instant and irreversible. If you order a pizza for a streamer and they have received it, there isn't much we can do about it.

-Treat was not received or fulfilled successfully?

Reply to the treat email or email us a for assistance.

-What happen to Top Treaters list?

The Top Treaters from our previous website will be our hall of famers for the support they provided on making this new website possible. They will forever be remembered until we re enable Top Treaters functionality. (We are not sure yet if or when this will happen.)

-What are Stream Notifications?

Real Time Highly Customizable Live Stream Notifications and Tracking for your needs.

Set up notifications seamlessly and beautifully with our intuitive drag-and-drop system to pop up on your stream in real time.

-Want to submit a Business Inquiry?

For business inquiries, e-mail:

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