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Monthly Anniversary Alerts!

You guys asked for it, and Anniversary Notifications are finally here!

Your viewers that sponsor you monthly can now send a pop up notification on your stream once a month, for every month they support you.

Anniversary Notifications are compatible with the Viewer Custom Notification system, which means they can design their own notifications!

For every month your viewer supports you, they will receive an e-mail instructing them how to send these notifications. Happy streaming!

Treatstream reborn!

You can now receive or send support to your favorite peeps with Tips, Sponsorships, or Treats all in 1 spot, and your supporters will get rewarded for it!

The Ultimate Supportive Platform for Twitch & Youtube Users for both ends of the spectrum from content creators to viewers. TreatStream provides all the tools for your supportive needs!

What’s New:

  • Tips (Free!)
  • Sponsorships (Sub Button - Monthly Recurring Payments, Low fee compared to other platforms!)
  • Treats (A.K.A Food Delivery, now with the ability to control your treats! -Twitch Only)
  • NEW! Drag N’ Drop Notification System
  • Payment Control & Blacklisting
  • Highly Customizable Widgets
  • Easy-to-Setup Profiles (With support information and more)
  • Pal Panel with exclusive messaging to your supporters
  • Treat Points (Supporter reward system!)
  • Custom Viewer Notifications (Allow supporters to show their own self-designed notifications on your stream! Only appropriate notifications allowed through our approval system.)

For a limited time only, anyone who logs in will receive 3,000 Treat Points to unlock your Custom Viewer Notification!

Have an awesome day and as always, enjoy the treats!
--The TreatStream Team

P.S. We've been working really hard to get this out for you guys. We hope you enjoy it and love all the benefits!

If you have any questions, please check the FAQS section.