• AnaBooo loves them treats!
    AnaBooo loves them Treats!
  • Ohgeenivi gets a Pizza! -TreatStream
    Ohgeenivi gets an emotional Pizza!
  • TreatStream - Treat the Stream!
    TreatStream - Treat the Stream!
  • IamApropos gets Pizza! -Treatstream
    IamApropos gets jiggy with Pizza!
  • Debo gets Chicken Wings! -Treatstream
    Debo's deep desire for Chicken Wings!
  • BoomBeach gets Pizza & Shrimp! -TreatStream
    TeachBoomBeach gets Pizza & Shrimp!
  • Syndrome208 gets a Pizza! Treat On! -TreatStream
    Syndrome208 acquires a friend through Pizza!

Why TreatStream? 

To put it in simple terms, some viewers actually want the possibility to give in different more pleasant and direct ways.  Streamers would also love to offer these ways, if only personal information and orders could be kept secure and confidential. Ladies and gentlemen, that is why we're here!

How TreatStream works:

Streamers join us through our Join Us Tab, tells us the food delivery or gifts they want. We make a hub page for the streamers that they then place on their Twitch profile.

Viewer places an order for them.

We fulfill the order without any information being shared. (Delivery fees, tips, and taxes paid. No Hassles! Just receive and eat!)

Once order is placed streamer will receive an email notification and food orders for that streamer will automatically shutdown for 5 hours and at night time depending on where the streamer is located so there isn't an overabundance of food sent to the streamer.

If the streamer sets up the Treat Notifications, the streamer and viewers will see a popup notification through OBS or XSplit when a viewer places an order and from who.

Enjoy the treats!


Top 15 Treaters!

1. The Force Feeder 202
2. HannibalChopstick 54
3. Kinkajou 45
4. Zadaxean 44
5. Oooeclipse 40
6. Redditdestroyer 40
7. Notrealiable 39
8. Cosplaydiver 38
9. Dreadnought125 38
10. SilenceSheldon 37
11. CurtCole 35
12. Dublinpapi 33
13. Crash Organism 30
14. Ruffneck 28
15. Gramaton_Ginger 25
16. TinariKao 25

Last updated 5/21/2016 Updated Monthly Any Treats count.

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