treats are now available to twitch users with over 500 followers!

Get an extra 1% on tips & sponsorships!

The Ultimate Supportive Platform for Twitch & Youtube Users.

Receive Tips!

Get your very own Tip Panel that you can fully customize!

Tips are completely free to use!

Get a sub button!

Allow your viewers to support you with monthly recurring payments.

Offer multiple levels of sponsorships with different benefits.

Receive Food Delivery!

Let people donate food delivery straight to your door!
(Twitch Users Only)

Your Address, name, and other info are kept completely confidential.

Generate a great looking profile in seconds!

choose to display all kinds of data, such as
your most recent supporters.

free flowing notifications!

Set up notifications seamlessly and beautifully
with our intuitive drag-and-drop system.

  • Something for everybody!

    • Allow your viewers to create THEIR OWN notification that pop on your stream with the TreatStream Custom Viewer Notification. Let them surprise you!
    • Easily keep in contact with your supporters with our Pal and messaging system.
    • Your viewers earn Treat Points for supporting you, with which they can redeem rewards!


All of our features are free to use. However, in order to keep TreatStream running, we reserve a small percentage from Sponsorship transactions. See FAQs for more details.


Communicate with your fellow
supporters and content creators with
our messaging system! Keep in touch
with everyone through the Pal Panel.


Easily Keep track of all related Treat,
Sponsor and Tip data in our easy-to-use
dashboard. This accounts for
everything sent and received.
(Must log in to track data.)


Easily set up live labels on your
stream. Show your viewers all sorts of
data, such as: Highest donation of the
day, number of sponsors per day,
donation goals, and more! Everything is
updated in real-time.


Prevent those nasty chargebacks by
blacklisting users that abuse their
donation privileges. Once you blacklist
a user, they won't be able to Tip or
Sponsor you again until you decide to
remove the blacklist.


Enable the option to allow viewers to
design their own notifications! With
this option enabled, your viewers will
be able to surprise you with their own
image and sound alert with every
sponsor and tip they send.