treats are now available to twitch users with over 500 followers!

Get an extra 1% on tips & sponsorships!

All the streaming essentials.

All in one place.

  • Receive Tips!

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    Get your very own Tip Panel that you can fully customize!
    Add fundraiser goals directly on your tip panel.
    Tips are completely free to use!

  • Get a sub button!

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    Allow your viewers to support you with monthly recurring payments.
    Offer multiple levels of sponsorships with different benefits.
    Lower fees than other platforms. (25 cents for every $2.50)

  • No. We're not kidding.
    Let viewers order food delivery of your choice straight to your door!
    (Twitch Users Only)
    Your address, name, and other info are kept completely confidential.

    Receive Food Delivery!

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Easily design your own Notifications
with Drag N' Drop controls!

The notifications you design will
pop on your stream when someone:

Follows, Subscribes, Tips, Hosts, Sponsors, Cheers or sends a Treat!


Show off those who support you! These widgets appear on your stream and automatically update without the need of a program.

Want to display the amounts of followers, tips, etc. you gained on your stream? Use this counter widget to do just that!
Want to display a track of donation information on stream? This is the widget you need.
Have a goal that you're trying to reach? Need to reach a certain amount of followers or sponsors? Use this widget to share your goal on your stream.
Want to initiate an on-screen timer for consecutive follows, donations, etc.? This is the widget you're looking for.
Want to have a activity feed of donations, treats, and such on your stream? We've got what you need here.
Put a jar on your stream that collects coins and tokens whenever people support you!
End your stream on a great note by thanking your community for their daily support!
Add a chat feed to your stream so people can see the messages that you receive in real time.

& more are continually developed!

Make donating fun for your viewers with
TreatStream Custom Viewer Notifications!

  • Step 1:

    Your viewer designs their own notification!

  • Step 2:

    They support your stream.

  • Step 3:

    Their customized notification appears on your stream!

(All notifications are manually approved by TreatStream and are made sure they follow Twitch Terms of Service. This feature can also be disabled.)
  • Free to use

    All of our features are free to use. However in order to keep TreatStreem running, we reserve a small percentage from Sponsorship transactions. See FAQs for more details.
  • Easily Contact Your Supporters

    Communicate with your fellow supporters and content creators with our messaging system! Keep in touch with everyone through the Pal Panel.
  • Blacklist Payments

    Prevent those nasty chargebacks by blacklisting users that abuse their donation privileges. Once you blacklist a user, they wont be able to tip or Sponsor you again until you decide to remove the blacklist.


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